Like Valentino, the Italian fashion designer would say-- "I love beauty, it's not my fault".

Vb design marries beauty with the essential and the functional. We will make it fun and wonderful to be home-- with friends, with family, alone, with neighbors and the world.

We will transform the details of who you are and who you aspire to be into a cohesive, beautiful space that feels like you.

The projects you will see here are not the work of one person but of many partnerships. Improving your space is a team effort. Each project is a collaboration between Vb design, clients, other designers and artists.

Of course, the work could not be accomplished without great builders, architects and engineers.

  • Architecture

  • Custom Furniture

  • Bath

  • Custom Upholstery

  • Dressing

  • Home Office

  • Kitchen

  • Kids' World